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The Voice – The Blind Auditions Premiere (Part 1)

29 Mar

I know I know… all of these singing competitions are cheesy, but I can’t help it.  I really like The Voice.  However, it is a bit different from other things like American Idol and it isn’t all about crappy pop music.  I do have mixed feelings about this season since two of the coaches have been replaced as the show will now have Shakira and Usher.  I do have to admit that Usher is better to look at than Celo.  The blind auditions are my favorite part of the show, particularly since I know how it feels to be judged by your outer appearance.  The last two seasons the level of talent has been unbelievable, so I am looking forward to seeing and hearing new people.  Since the first episode is over an hour long I decided to split the episode into two posts.  This post covers the first half of the episode.

They start off mentioning that there will be the “biggest shock in the history of The Voice” to get you interested in watching and then have a performance by all four coaches.  They sing “Come Together” by The Beetles.  I am not a huge Beetles fan, but this was an interesting way to do it because all four artists are very unique musically and vocally and it was cool to see bits of them all in the song.

The first set is a pair of twins, The Morgan Twins.  They do not seem completely identical, but they did not say other wise and they look quite similar.  They sing “Fallin” and almost immediately Usher and Blake turn around.  They are quite good and sing well together, though they sound very similar.  After listening a bit, Adam turns around and finally Shakira turns around after what appears to be a lot of debate.  Blake has some usual horn dog comments, though I don’t mind them, he’s funny about it.  My prediction was that they would pick Usher, since they had said they wanted him to turn around, but surprisingly they go with Blake.

 The next contestant is Jessica, who has a sad back story (alcoholic mother, etc) and music got her through so much (*gag*, it’s too over done).  She sings “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” and Shakira and Usher turn around quickly and are the only two to turn around.  However, I do not care for her arrangement of it.  It’s funny to watch the new coaches banter, especially with the two old coaches.  She decides to go with Usher.

Next artist!  A decently attractive guy, Mark currently works for his family roofing houses, but not something he wants to do for the rest of his life (duh?).  He talks about some family that ends up making him cry (oh how sensitive!).  He sing “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”.  Adam turns around fairly quickly.  His voice is okay, but a little odd and not my favorite.  Shakira also turns around shortly after Adam, but they are the only two.  I am enjoying watching Shakira because she is very animated.  He ends up going with Shakira.

The next artist has an interesting name, Janetza.  She says she might work a bird call into the song, so I don’t know how that is going to play out… She is a Latin singer, so she is very nervous about Shakira being there.  Janetza sings Titanium and it seems very forced, especially on the lower end and seems a tad pitchy (if I can tell, she probably is pretty off).  I predicted that no coaches would pick her and was correct.  First artist of the night (at least shown on the show) that is not picked.  But hey, she at least got a hug from Adam and some advise from all the coaches.

Danielle is the next contestant and she seems very young (she is 16), but has a cute, naive country girl look.  She is extremely nervous, but also very excited.  She sings a Taylor Swift song “Mean”.  She has a very sweet and smooth voice.  Blake and Usher turn around decently quickly and you can hear her performance get stronger.  Adam also turns around before the end.  I like Danielle’s voice much more than Taylor Swift.  I felt that she would want to go with Blake, because she is quite country.  Adam tries to argue that Taylor Swift is not solely country and Blake says they do take ownership of her.  Usher brings up Justin Bieber (ugh).  Thankfully she goes with Blake!

The last artist I will cover for tonight is Vedo who will be singing Boyfriend by Bieber and of course, he wants Usher.  I don’t think trying to be like Bieber will impress him, he already has a Bieber.  He does have a sad story because his mother was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer with two months to live.  This story actually got to me because I have lost family to cancer.  It would be especially heart wrenching if he gets through and she passes.  On to the singing, he does at least have a unique take on the song and Usher does turn around.  Usher is the only one that turns, so it makes Usher’s first contestant and neither are disappointed.

That is all for now… to be continued!