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Beauty and the Beast – On Thin Ice

27 Mar

Yes… I know… this is by no means a great show, but hey, it is exactly what you would expect from the CW.  I started watching it with the hope that it would be a clever retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  It is definitely an interesting modification (the “beast” is a genetically engineering soldier who beasts out when he gets mad), but the main focus seems to be the romantic relationship between Vincent (the beast) and Catherine (the beauty).

Honest I have gotten a tad behind in this episode, so I was trying to recall what had happened in the previous one.  I don’t recall the details (it’s so memorable huh?), but Catherine had gotten shot and she is not recovering.  Part of her recovery is talking with a shrink during which she realize and admits that she is in love with Vincent (shocker!).  But for the time being, she has still not been authorized to start working again.  Because she cannot work, she is going crazy and keeps bugging her partner Tess to let her help with a case.  She does end up sneaking around and helping some with the case, but it was not a major part of the episode by any means.  Generally the cases get Vincent involved, but this one was fairly open and shut and completely not interesting.  I think if they were going to have her sneak around, it could have at least been an interesting case like usual.

The other major plot line in this episode is Vincent is seeing his ex-fiance Alex.  She has been stealing supplies from the hospital she works at and is helping at a clinic for people who cannot afford treatment.  She brings Vincent with her and he helps with some of the patients (of course Mr. strong, dark and handsome ex-military is also a sweet and compassionate doctor!).  She tells him that they could run away together in a group that does medical treatment in various villages in Africa (or something to that effect).  After they finish at the clinic they sneak into an ice skating rink that they used to get into and get caught.  Since Vincent has no ID and cannot reveal his true identity (since he is technically dead), he calls in Catherine who reluctantly gets him out of trouble by lying to the police that caught them.  At the end of the episode, he tells her that Alex is willing to run away with him and if she would be willing to do the same, but she asks if she would still be willing to do so if she knew the full truth.  Given that it is a romantic “sci-fi” type show, it’s pretty easy to tell that he will end up with Catherine, that’s just how it has to be.

The other minor point in the episode is that J.T. is now working with Evan on the trans-genetic DNA, which is really Vincent’s DNA that has been found on various crime scenes. Evan wants to be able to understand this create and capture it and possibly cure it.  Just when it looks like they are about to have enough evidence to go to the police chief (and J.T. is freaking out about it) the samples show as corrupted.  The last scene of the episode shows Evan’s girlfriend (Claire) meeting up with Dr. Sorenson saying that she had corrupted the samples and that they would get to Vincent first.  I believe that Dr. Sorenson is one of the bad guys from earlier in the episode that wanted to capture Vincent to study him, he looked familiar.

One thing I wanted to mention was the “lab work” they were doing to look at the DNA.  Determining if the trans-genetic DNA was a match took only a few minutes and just came up on the screen saying it was a match and had two DNA strands on the screen.  Then all of a sudden a big flashing “SAMPLES CORRUPTED” came up on the screen.  Because… ya know… science totally works like that.

Overall, it’s a silly show.  I will probably continue to watch it, but it’s low on the totem pole of what I want to watch.  I only watched it now because it was easier to find than some of the episodes of The Walking Dead that I have missed.  I give it 5 DNA strands out of 10.



Whitney – Crazy, Stupid, Words

26 Mar

Whitney is another one of the shows that is more of a guilty pleasure, and not so geeky.  The geekiest part of the show is Whitney’s husband/boyfriend Alex who is a bit of a nerd and created and sold a website for a good deal of money.  While he is a geek, he is also a bit of a hipster looking guy, though I suppose the two “types” can often merge.

The theme behind this weeks episode is trust in couples and couples sneaking in and reading each others email.  It starts off by talking about it while watching a couple at a restaurant fight about it.  Later, they go to Marks bar where they are talking about trigger words (a word that upsets you due to a past experience) and it progresses to Whitney taking a picture of her butt as a funny photo with her friends, which upsets Alex because that is *his* butt and only *he* should get to see it…  Right.  That part irked me a bit because it came off much too controlling than I felt the situation needed to be.  It honestly made me like Alex less as a character because it made him much more close minded than the hipstery nerd I saw him as. Moving along… after fighting, Alex decided to take a picture of his junk and of course at that moment Roxanne and Lily walk in to see him in all of his glory and he proceeds to slam the laptop shut… on his dick.

Once you are done cringing at the thought of that, it moves on to Whitney joking with her friends about the situation and Alex sneaking onto her email to read it (Who saw that coming? Oh wait… everyone).  After a bit of fighting, they finally sit down and discuss it like adults and they both discuss their trigger words and explain why they are triggers.

Overall, not one of the stronger episodes and there have been some that are quite funny, but this one just didn’t push that boundary for me, though the part of Alex being controlling and acting like he owns Whitney did push it down a bit as well.  I give it 4 nerd glasses out of 10.


The Neighbors – Mo Purses Mo Money Mo Problems

25 Mar

I am almost ashamed to admit that I watch this show, but I am less ashamed of this than… well I’ll save that for later.  If you haven’t see it, the only “sci-fi” element is that it is a neighborhood full of crash landed aliens and one human family moves in.  It’s a quick watch and doesn’t make me angry, so it’s kind of relaxing and just silly.

This episode starts by the Debbie Weavers (human family) wanting to have a yard sale and Jackie (alien mom) wants to help out, but Larry Bird says that women cannot work outside the home.  Jackie proceeds to help anyways and they make a deal to sell handmade purses to a business woman and Larry Bird is helping with the girl scout like troop and ends up getting them to help make purses in a sweat shop style setting.  Meanwhile, Amber Weaver’s ex-boyfriend is trying hard to get her back.

It all comes to a climax when Marty Weaver “solves the puzzle” and lays everyone’s problem out on the table for them.  The best part is Reggie’s nerdy little girlfriend telling Amber that she will fight for the things she really likes, which is total a nerd thing.  Overall, I give it 4.5 aliens out of 10.


Glee – Guilty Pleasures

24 Mar

So I’m not starting off with a horribly geeky series, but Glee has been a show I have loved since the beginning   I will admit it, I have a horrible addiction to musicals… Granted it has been a little rough lately, I still keep up with it pretty well.

This week’s Glee started with Blaine confronting Sam about stealing from the cafeteria only to find out that Sam has a guilty pleasure for creating portraits out of macaroni.  Yes… macaroni.  The portraits are pretty cool, but it was kind of a bizarre way to start off the show, but what more do you expect from Glee?  This scene sets the theme for the rest of the show: Guilty Pleasures.

With this theme, I can’t help but think of the first book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurel K. Hamilton by the same name, which amuses me, but moving on.  The weeks homework for glee club is to sing songs from your guilty pleasure artist and it included Barry Malow, the Spice Girls, and Wham!.  It’s shocking that with the Spice Girls they didn’t include some Backstreet Boys or *NYSNC, oh wait… they did that last week.

The two major plot points were that Blaine is in love with Sam and Rachael finding out that Brody was a male escort to pay for school.  Neither are very in depth and they both seem like filler to me.  It was nice that Sam is okay with Blaine’s feelings, but the part with Rachael and Brody was disappointing.  Rachael freaks out over Brody’s method of paying for school, rather than trying to understand that not everyone has parents that are well-off.  It would have been nice to see more of an understanding, even if they do break up, rather than shaming him for what he does to get by.

All in all, it was an okay episode.  My favorite part was the creepy boyfriend arm pillow.  Especially since Kurt named his Bruce *snickers*  I give it 6 nerd glasses out of 10.