You want to know more about me huh?  Well, okay it all started a long, long time ago….

It really wasn’t that long ago (hey, I am not 30… yet >.>), but I have always been a geek/nerd/dork, whatever your perfect identifier is.  I grew up playing video games and I have fond memories playing my Nintendo and Unreal Tournament (Die bitch!).  The gaming progressed to becoming a hardcore raider (Horde FTW) in World of Warcraft, though I recently suspected my account because frankly, the pandas weren’t that interesting and I just didn’t have enough time to play it.  I will probably go back to it sometime though.  I also have a Wii, Xbox, and a DS (though who knows where that is at the moment).

I also always had a passion for reading.  I can remember several times that when my mom asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I wanted to go to the Library.  The amount I read has significantly declined for the same reasons as the gaming, a general lack of time.  I am hoping that the time issue changes within the next six months.  Why would it change?  Well, I am currently a graduate student.  I am nearly there, I can see the finish line (after many struggles and such), but soon I will have a Masters of Science.  That’s right, I am the Master of Science, muahahahaha.

Anyway… school work does take up a lot of my time currently, which may be surprising considering the amount of TV I watch.  I have probably perfected the art of watching a show while doing work.  I also get very fidgety when I am only doing one thing at a time, yey for effects of the internet.

With the increased time, I expect the type of posts that you will see here will change.  Right now I watch a lot of TV, which will probably continue as I love to go back and watch all the glorious geeky shows I missed the first time around, but it will probably start to include books, movies, and games and any other geeky goodness I come across.

Just remember, I hold nothing back and it is your responsibility to watch out for frakin spoilers.


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